Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Spring-cleaning is a drag at the best of times. Why put yourself through the whole ordeal when we have Maids that Shine to provide Portsmouth with the perfect spring cleaning service? Our experienced cleaners can visit your home and provide a thorough spring clean that spruces up your property and brings it back to life, breathing space and air into a tired living space.

Spruce Up Every Area of Your Home – A spring clean provides your home with a deeper clean than your regular cleaning schedule, brushing away the cobwebs and breathing new life into your living areas. It can bring light and vitality back to your home and encourage you to look at tired old areas of your home in a new way. Our Maids that Shine spring clean service guarantees to spruce up your home, cleaning behind your sofas and chairs, wiping down all paint work and even cleaning the inside of your windows to make everything seem cleaner, brighter and clearer than before.

We’ll fully clean every room in your home, remove all cobwebs, clean down all glass surfaces, empty the bins and even straighten all of your bed linen. With the latest equipment and detergents used we’ll clean shelving, blinds, mop or vacuum all floors, carpets and rugs and basically make your home feel like a show home when you return.

Deeper Bathroom Cleaning – Your bathroom is always one of the hardest rooms to clean in the home. Maids that Shine provides its cleaners with heavy-duty detergents and cleaners to make the toilet, bath, shower and sink shine as if they are brand new. We can polish all shelves, fixtures and fittings, wipe down cabinet fronts, shine mirrors and leave sparkling services at every turn.

Kitchen Cleaning – As the other room in the house that easily gets dirty with the cooking that takes place every single day your kitchen often requires a much deeper clean than the rest of the house. Our team will scrub stovetops and ovens until they shine as brand new. We’ll wash and wipe down all surfaces, mop the floor and even clean inside your microwave and fridge.

If you are in need of some help with your spring clean don’t delay, speak to the Maids that Shine customer service team today. We understand how difficult it can be to motivate yourself to start the spring clean at home, but our cleaners love it and have the skills, tools and experience to make a real positive difference to your environment.

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