Domestic Cleaning

Keeping your house clean is a chore that sometimes doesn’t feel worth doing. After a hard week in work, the last thing you want to do is clean around the house, yet we all know how much better we feel in a clean and tidy home! Maids that Shine offers a domestic cleaning service that provides Portsmouth residents with the chance to keep a clean house without having to worry about putting the hard work in. You can sit back, relax and completely unwind when returning home from a day of hard work. We’ll do the rest.

A range of Domestic Set-Ups – Whether you live in a one-bedroom studio apartment, a multi-room flat or a large house with a family or multiple occupants, our cleaning team has the ability and tools to provide you with a shiny home.

Flexible Domestic Cleaning Service – We understand that every person is different and that every home provides its own challenges. With this in mind, we offer an affordable and flexible cleaning service. If you require a domestic cleaning service on a weekly basis, monthly or at any other rate, we are open to discussion. We can even offer a deep clean service at regular intervals too.

A Team of Specialist Cleaners – Our Maids are chosen because of their experience and ability to make the dirtiest of homes shine. Each cleaner has proven their skills and has the flexibility and cleaning product knowledge to ensure that your home feels brand new after each and every visit.

The Latest Equipment – We believe in providing our cleaning team with the latest cleaning equipment, from high-end vacuum cleaners to carpet cleaners, pressure washers and heavy-duty detergents where required. All of the Maids have been provided with regular training to ensure nothing phases them in terms of cleaning procedures and tasks.

A Thorough Approach to Domestic Cleaning – When the Maids that Shine visit your home they’ll provide a thorough cleaning of all rooms, including the bathroom and kitchen where grime can settle in for the long-term if left unattended. We’ll wipe all surfaces down and cupboard fronts mop and vacuum floors and dust every nook and cranny.

To find out more about the Maids that Shine domestic cleaning service give us a call today. We’ll be happy to talk through your specific requirements including the layout and set-up of your home, the regularity with which you’ll require our cleaners to visit and answer any other queries you may have.

Interested in Domestic Cleaning Services

We understand that someone has to take care your house chores while you’re at work. And this should be someone you can trust. That is why we are working for you. Our experienced and reliable cleaning workers will handle your cleaning issues.