Join the Team

The Maids that Shine team is full of experience and talent within the world of cleaning. We only want to provide the best cleaning experience for our customers. When we are hired it is to perform a high quality cleaning service, with minimal fuss, utilising the very best in detergents, cleaning chemicals and cleaning equipment within the budget provided.

Our cleaners are hired based on their experience within the cleaning industry, their knowledge of different types of cleaning techniques and how to clean different surfaces, premises and within the framework of different settings. It is a different thing entirely to clean a domestic property on a weekly basis, than to provide a deep clean for an industrial workspace at the end of a working tenancy agreement.

The Maids that Shine service covers a wide range of settings, so if you have experience in cleaning within an office environment you will be an asset to us. If you’d prefer to work on the deep clean jobs within domestic properties that require a clean prior to new tenants moving in, we’ve got something for you. There really is something for every type of cleaner as we want to bring the Maids that Shine charm to as many people as possible within the Portsmouth area.

If you would like to become part of the Maids that Shine team give us a call today and our friendly team will be able to speak to you directly about your personal experience. A quick chat will help you see what a warm and welcoming cleaning team you could be part of. Alternatively, fire over your CV and some relevant experience and we’ll contact you at a suitable time.